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Support during summer

The university administration's opening hours

Photo of KTH Campus during summer
Photo: Fredrik Persson
Published Jun 16, 2023

During the summer, the University administration is on site, but to a limited extent. Opening hours in Service centers differ and the response times may be slightly longer.

E-mail the University administration

All units can be accessed as usual via the e-mail addresses (funktionsadresser) but with slightly longer response times. 


  • The School’s office of student affairs e-mail address for teachers, , is not monitored during larger part of the week 28 and week 29 (July 12–21.)
  • The School’s office of student affairs e-mail address for supervisors and doctoral students  is not monitored week 29 and Monday of week 30 (17–24 July).
  • The Communication unit is not staffed during the weeks 28–30 (10–28 July). Contact Sturle Hauge Simonsen  if urgent or in case of crisis. 

Service center opening hours

Week 26 to 32 (26 June – 11 August), Service center Q is closed. The Service center receptions at Borggården and Electrum are open Mondays and Wednesdays, 10:00–12:00. 

Employees are available back office during office hours and can be contacted throughout the summer via Service center's e-mail address  or by phone at 08-790 40 00.

Other services

  • Fruit and milk deliveries are paused during the weeks 26–32 (26 June– 11 August).
  • The post-round takes place daily on the KTH campus and in Electrum. We refer packages to KTH post on campus; we collect packages and notify the final recipient when collection can occur. In Kista, staff are on-site and can receive packages; the delivery company can call the phone number on the entrance doors.
  • Matters such as accesses, couriers and packages are carried out all summer.
  • Week 27-31, our catering companies are closed for the holidays; no catering orders can be made during this period.

Purchases during the summer

The purchase function is not manned during weeks 26–35 (26 June–1 September). During these weeks, only Wisum orders with ready shopping carts are handled and with longer response times than usual. During weeks 25–35, no new direct procurement will begin, and purchases that require card payment will not be carried out.

Purchases, procurement and expenses

Invoices, expenses and travel bills

Ways of contact

  •  for all matters relating to customer and supplier invoices and other payments that do not refer to expenses and travel bills.
  •  for all matters relating to expenses and travel bills.

Both addresses are monitored throughout the summer, but with a certain delayed response time due to lower staffing.

Financial approver

If you usually handle invoices and purchases, it is important that you activate your replacement before the holidays. Contact  if you do not have a replacement.


The event team will have longer response times during week 28-33. If you want to get in touch with the event team during this period, contact them via

Event and catering

The recruitment system closed

Recruitment advertisements (publication of ads) will be closed for the summer, 10 July – 4 August (w. 28-31). The deadline for publication requests is Tuesday, 4 July. Consider extending any ads that expire when recruitment ads are closed for the summer.

Submit publication requests at least three business days in advance to ensure that ads are published and extended on time.


IT support and purchase of IT equipment

IT support is open all summer, but with a slightly lower service level due to lower staffing.

You can receive support via  and 08–790 66 00, all summer from 8:00–16:30.

KTH Entré opening hours

IT purchasing

All functions are running all summer but with lower staffing.


Available all summer with lower staffing.

In case of crises or emergency

Crisis and preparedness organisation

What to do in case of fire, accident or disaster

pEECS summer break 

The newsletter pEECS takes a summer break and the last issue will be sent 29 June. pEECS will ba back again 17 August.

Tips for the newsletter pEECS

Signature from the Head of School during the summer

The school's office is not on site between weeks 28 – mid-31, so responses and signatures have longer response times. You can reach the school's office at

The head of school function is staffed remotely during the summer should an emergency arise; you can reach the head of school at

Contracts that will require legal review and signature via RSO before and during the summer

As usual, you contact  for guidance and handling. The function has lower local staffing at the school and centrally at RSO, the central department for research support. In the case of urgent matters, the contract function and RSO can prioritise handling and initiate these even during the holidays.

Agreements related to external research funding and collaborations

Your phone and auto-reply

In order to give students , our fellow workers and the public the very best service, KTH Switchboard asks you to encode your extensions when you're not able to take your calls.

Also, remember to add an auto-reply to your e-mail.

Refer your extension