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Jonna helps you with contracts

Jonna Holmlund Åsman is EECS' contracts manager
Jonna Holmlund Åsman is EECS' contracts manager
Published May 17, 2023

Jonna Holmlund Åsman works as contract coordinator at EECS. Read about what she does and when to contact her.

“I have overall responsibility for handling the school's contracts. The work primarily concerns agreements linked to research funding but also includes other contracts.”

Strategically, her role involves, among other things, working out processes and routines for how the school wishes to develop the area in consultation with the head of school and other management.

“On a day-to-day basis, I mainly have contact with the Research Support Office (RSO) and the business lawyers, but the role is broad, and I often collaborate with people from more or less the whole of KTH.”

When to contact the contract manager

As a researcher, you can contact Jonna as soon as an idea for a collaboration comes up or when you have received funding for a project.  

“I support when KTH collaborates with or carries out assignments for external actors or between our schools.”

In addition to research funding, Jonna handles the agreements required for industrial doctoral students, affiliations, adjuncts, and commissioned training. In short, most other agreements that are not directly linked to, for example, employment at KTH, procurement/purchasing or purely educational agreements. These are handled by the respective group within the University administration. 

“If you need clarification on where an agreement is being prepared, please consult me.”