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Faculty board candidates proceed to interviews and open hearing

Collegial influence

Published Oct 18, 2023

The ongoing EECS Faculty Board elections have hardly escaped anyone's attention. Now, you can see the nominated candidates and determine how the selection process works. The next step is an open hearing on 25 October.

The new Faculty Boards are planned to start their work in January 2024 to strengthen collegial influence and decision-making and enable rapid adaptation to international developments in research and education.

Until 8 October, school staff could nominate candidates for the Faculty Board. We received a total of 30 nominations. Of these candidates, 20 have confirmed their willingness to serve on the board. The EECS Faculty Board will consist of six members from the faculty.

The election committee's work

The EECS election committee consists of Jana Tumova , Pawel Herman , Sarunas Girdzijauskas , Sandra Pauletto , Lina Bertling Tjernberg  and Tobias Oechtering .

The group has initially focussed on the process, providing information for the election and encouraging nominations. At its last meeting on Friday, 13 October, the group focused on reviewing the received nominations, planning for interviews with candidates in the coming weeks, as well as an open hearing.

Lina Bertling Tjernberg, Chair of the EECS election committee
Lina Bertling Tjernberg, Chair of the EECS election committee.

Lina Bertling Tjernberg, Chair of the EECS election committee:

“Congratulations to all nominated candidates, and thanks to all candidates willing to take on a role in the new school faculty boards. It is a strong line-up with 20 excellent candidates”.

She adds:

“Now we need to find a constellation based on these profiles that provides a good representation for our school, and we are now starting interviews and discussions to be able to present a proposal.”

“We have invited all nominated candidates who have accepted the nomination to an interview with the election committee and an open hearing. The hearing will take place on Wednesday, 25 October, 10-12, which is the time when the EECS monthly school assembly occurs with the hope of significant participation,” Lina continues.

Questions for interviews of candidates (pdf 137 kB)

Public hearing

The two remaining EECS school assembly meetings on 25 October and 29 November will be used as opportunities for the faculty to engage in the work to elect representation to the new faculty boards.

On the first occasion, there will be an opportunity to question all candidates. On the second occasion, the nomination committee will present its proposal for candidates, which has been submitted to the President.

On 25 October, all candidates and employees are welcome to participate on-site in room F2 or via Zoom.

Hearing 25 October

Election committee suggests candidates for EECS Faculty board 29 November

Nominated candidates who have accepted to proceed in the process

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