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Get to know Luca Peretti

- the electrification enthusiast who is self-sufficient in beans

Luca Peretti, Head of the Division of Electric Power and Energy Systems (EPE).
Luca Peretti, Acting Head of the Division of Electric Power and Energy Systems (EPE).
Published Feb 06, 2024

We had a talk with Luca Peretti, who recently took on the role of Acting Head of the Division of Electric Power and Energy Systems (EPE). In addition to research and teaching, he sees it as his task as head to find the division's identity. He spends his spare time on the allotment, where he grows many crops.

In a workplace where not everyone knows each other, Luca's goal is to understand the individuals behind the job roles and be present to solve any potential issues. The division consists of a diverse and dynamic group, and a central part of Luca's responsibility as a head is to try to unify them and contribute to shaping a common identity.

"I am now stepping in as Acting Head of Division while Lars Nordström is on loan to another authority. My primary responsibility is to sign, approve, and work with work environment issues."

Learnt Swedish with colleagues over lunch

Luca's journey towards KTH started at ABB in Västerås, where he was visiting as a doctoral student, to then return to his studies in Italy. Then, a position opened up for Luca in Västerås, and he moved there and stayed at ABB for eight years. He learnt Swedish by talking to colleagues at lunch.

Then came an opportunity to start at KTH.  

"I chose to go to KTH because I wanted to combine research and teaching. I perform best when I can research and teach at the same time. 

"Everything will be electrified"

About Luca

Education: Master in Electrical Engineering from Universitá di Udine in north-east Italy, PhD in Universitá di Padova, quite close to Venice. 

Job: Acting Head of Division for Electrical Power Engineering (EPE), researching and teaching the courses EJ2201, EJ2222 and EJ2230.

Lives: Kallhäll, Järfälla municipality

Family: wife Sylvia (KTH alumnus in electrical power engineering), Stella (7 years) and Elliot (4 years).

Lucas' research and teaching focuses on electrical machines and drive systems. More specifically, anything that rotates that is electric is often found everywhere, both at home and in society; in your washing machine, blender, drills, electric vehicles, wind power and hydropower. 

The research aims to electrify everything and increase the use of energy-efficient electric machines globally. Minor improvements make a big difference in the electricity consumption of giant electric machines.

Luca is also responsible for three courses covering electric machines, machine design and control engineering. 

"The most satisfying part of teaching is preparing students for industry and seeing them succeed in their careers. I strive to make my teaching current and relevant, and my favourite part is when former students tell me how they used my teaching to solve real problems in their jobs."

Self-sufficient on beans

When Luca is not at work or spending time with his family, he relaxes on his 150-square-metre allotment. There he grows apples, currants, raspberries, blackberries, lettuce, onions, squash and potatoes. There are also plenty of beans, so much so that he freezes them and has enough for the whole winter. 

He also has another slightly pacier hobby:

"Basketball is my great interest after playing for almost 20 years in Italy. I have been following USA basketball since 1993 and have become a living encyclopaedia of statistics and players."

Before concluding the interview, Luca emphasises: 

"My passion for electrification and my commitment to educating the engineers of the future is the driving force behind my career at KTH. As Acting Head of Division, I aim to help create a strong and unified identity within the division while continuing to inspire and educate the next generation of technical leaders."