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Employee survey FAQ

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Published Jun 10, 2021

Here you will find questions and answers to the EECS employee survey.

Who can answer the survey?

• All staff who have been employed for 6 months or more (until 1 June 2021) and whose employment covers 50 percent or more. This also applies to those who are on leave more than 50 percent.

• Employees who are on parental leave or on sick leave.

• Scholarship holders, even if they do not formally have a job.

How long does it take to respond to the survey?

About 15 minutes.

Can I trust that the answers are anonymous?

Yes, the employee survey is conducted in collaboration with Avonova, who will both be the sender of the survey, and also compile the result. 

They ensure that no one in the school will be able to see who answered or not. The survey is completely anonymous.

Do I have to answer?

It is not mandatory to participate in the survey, but if you want to be involved in influencing your and the school's work environment, this is an important opportunity.

Is it possible to see which employees did not respond to the survey?

No, it can not be seen. The school will only know how many people responded to see what response rates look like.

How long is the survey open?

The survey is open between 10 and 1 July.

It says that you can choose "manager" during the position. Who should choose "manager" under "position"?

It is the manager who has staff liability who must choose this, for example the head of division and head of department.

There is no possibility to choose the position of "assistant professor". What should I choose then?

This time, choose the position of associate professor.

Is this employee survey conducted at the entire KTH?

No, this is a survey initiated by EECS' school management and is not an initiative for the entire KTH.

My working group is less than ten people, so we will not receive our own results report. Is there any point that I answer?

Yes, all answers are included in the results of the department and the school, so your answers are important even if you belong to a small working group.

What happens to the result?

The results will be reported at school level, department level and division level. The school management wants to know how the work environment is at the school, to be able to see where there is a need for improvements, but also take advantage of and develop the parts that are good in our work environment.