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Wonder about the school's cleaning routines?

Karolin from Infrastructure & Service tells us how it works

Karolin Södertun-Zehgbi, group manager at Infra and service
Published Jun 08, 2022

How often are your office space, nearest toilet, and kitchen cleaned? And what is each employee's responsibility? Karolin Södertun-Zehgbi explains the routines in the interview.

Hey Karolin! How often are our offices cleaned?

"Hello! The cleaning service cleans our offices once a week. They empty our trash cans, mop the floors and wipe the desk and window sill if the surfaces are free of paper and things. The cleaning service cannot promise that the rooms will be cleaned on the same day of the week. Therefore, it can sometimes be experienced as if there is a long time between the cleanings. For example, one week, the room may be cleaned on a Monday and the week after a Friday. If you want to empty the trash more often, you are welcome to throw the bag in the nearest kitchen."

How about the kitchens?

"In the kitchens, the cleaning service mops the floors, wipe the tables and empties the garbage bins and the recycling bins daily. Once a week, they clean our microwave ovens and wipe off other surfaces. From 1 July, the cleaning service will also fill and empty our dishwashers once a day."

What else is being done to ensure our premises are clean?

"Our toilets are cleaned every day. Rooms such as corridors, meeting rooms, printers' places, and resting rooms are also cleaned every week."

How are Infrastructure and Service involved in this?

"According to a rolling schedule, we are responsible for patrolling our kitchens, meeting rooms, writing places, corridors, and restrooms a few times a week. Then we make sure that our premises are in order, we refill things out of stock, such as coffee and tea, clean the whiteboards, and report errors when needed."

"During week 26, we will focus on clearing our common areas, such as printers' rooms and corridors. We will remove unnecessary things and rubbish to improve the neatness and increase the wellbeing in our common premises."

What is the employee's responsibility?

"For our common areas to be pleasant for everyone, it is the employees' responsibility to clean and pick up after themselves, whether in a kitchen, meeting room, printer room, or one of our other common areas. For example, you should be putting your dishes in the dishwasher after lunch and erase the whiteboard after your meeting."

"We also want to take the opportunity to encourage everyone to review their office rooms and clean out rubbish you don't need. Bins for paper and cardboard are available at our printing locations. Maybe there is furniture or other things that need to be taken care of? If you want help, you are welcome to send an inquiry to "

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