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Ethical hacking gives companies the upper hand

Published Jan 24, 2018

KTH launches a course in ethical hacking for companies that have sensitive information that needs to be protected against cyberattacks.

A malicious person wearing a hoodie who hacks into a software or hardware with the intention of destroying - that is how a "black-hat hacker" is typical described. But Pontus Johnson, professor of Network and Systems Engineering, hopes to nuance that image.

– There are several reasons to learn ethical hacking. In order to protect themselves against cyberattacks, companies need to understand the methods used by hackers. It is very useful to let ethical hackers test the security in their own systems, says Pontus Johnson, course coordinator. 

To become an ethical hacker and on the "good side" requires five weeks of distance learning. The course will be taken by professional security experts, system developers, system administrators and IT managers to name a few. The participants will all connect to a virtual private network (VPN) in Google and penetrate a fictitious company on the hunt for specific documents.

– We will also discuss ethical dilemmas in IT security, such as whistle-blower Edward Snowden. Did he do the wrong or right thing?

Who can apply?

Contract teaching can only be obtained through your company or organisation with whom you are employed. It is your employer who will be charged for the course.

Apply and read more about the course


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