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KTH Kista and Head of School Sonja Berlijn
Published Sep 22, 2022

The library is taking a more digital approach by moving its physical books to Campus Valhallavägen, there are big plans for a new student learning environment and two new research centras—all in favour of future education. Head of School Sonja Berlijn lets us in on the plans.

"After the pandemic, the use of the physical library has decreased. At the same time, the library has developed its services to fit future education by offering remote tutorials and seminars and investing in digital material".

Therefore, on 16 September, University Director Kerstin Jacobsson decided that KTH Library's physical library in Kista would be moved to Campus Valhallavägen. The library will move its teaching and seminars to the degree programmes in Kista.

What happens now?

The School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science is in the middle of a development project for the Kista campus with, for example, a focus on research. The centre Senseable Stockholm Lab has just moved in and was inaugurated on 21 September. The Semiconductor Research Centre is expected to open its doors this winter.

The school has also received a grant for a D-Mentorspace and is considering several initiatives to create an example for future education.

First, a working group will be formed with representatives from the library, teacher representatives from EECS, and students from both first cycle and third cycle levels. This will lead to more concrete plans.

"The group's task is to devise a plan for implementing the change and how the current premises in Kista will be used. The idea is to make something interactive for the students and where the library is represented as an e-library".

What exactly will open up on the library premises has not yet been decided, but several ideas exist.

What happens next?

KTHB Kista is open throughout the autumn semester. The library closes on 17 January, and the move begins.

During the spring term, the premises will be used as a study environment and then closed for renovation during the summer.