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"We look forward to a summer full of tech activities!"

Published Jun 15, 2021

Hi Alexandra Leyton, communicator at EECS! Among other things, you work with broadened recruitment and have some exciting stuff going on in Kista.


Can you tell us a little more about what KTH had for activities in Kista?

“We have had inspiration days for junior high school students in connection with Järvaveckan. During the day, they got to try building a bubble node, learn what an engineer does, and even have lunch with our students and ask questions. We have also collaborated with our alumni and students together with Citycon, which manages the Kista mall. During the summer, you can find a photo exhibition with students and alumni in the Kista Galleria.”

Why is this important to KTH?

“This was the first time we focused on this target group in Kista, junior high school students, especially during an ongoing pandemic. But we think this target group is important for several reasons; they are at an age where you have big dreams about what you want to do in the future, but also many questions about what it means to be an adult, to be a student etc. We also wanted to inform them about how that the path to becoming an engineer can look a little different, for example, many students have studied a technical foundation year after high school to be able to apply to their program.”

What happens now, will it continue during the summer?

“Before their visit, the students had to write down what they wanted to get out of the visit, now we will do an evaluation and see what the students have taken with them from the visit and how we can improve. During the summer, we also have a collaboration between Inicio and Rinkeby-Kista District Administration. For two periods starting this week, 15 high school students at a time will work on developing a concept for a new hybrid youth centre that will be both physical and virtual with a focus on technology. The youth centre is intended for young people aged 15-19. There, our KTH students will support with guidance and inspiration, while Inicio has developed the concept.”