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EECS internal news

  • Summary of the All employee meeting

    Head of School Sonja Berlijn. Photo: Susanne Kronholm
    Published Feb 15, 2022

    Did you miss AEM on 10 February? Don't worry, here comes the summary and the presentation. Sonja Berlijn talked about safety, the health survey, the operational plan and reflections around 2021.

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  • "I'm not done!"

    Bellman 1992 and Bellman today.
    How it started, how it's going.
    Published Feb 07, 2022

    Carl-Mikael ”Bellman” Zetterling, this year you have been at KTH for 30 years, how did you end up at KTH?

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  • Congratulations Mihhail Matskin!

    Published Jan 31, 2022

    Mihhail Matskin, your paper "Locality-Aware Workflow Orchestration for Big Data” written in cooperation with Norwegian colleagues at SINTEF and NTNU has been selected as Best Conference Paper at the M...

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  • Changes in the Professional support's management group

    From the left: Rose-Marie, Ronny and Anette
    Published Jan 26, 2022

    Rose-Marie Kellqvist Sundström quits as Head of Finance at EECS. Anette Arling takes over as Acting Head of the Finance unit with Ronny Sagborn as Deputy. Sara Johansson will be Deputy Head of Adminis...

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  • Meet Emil Björnson, new professor at EECS

    Emil Björnson at a lab.
    Published Jan 25, 2022

    Emil Björnson, newly appointed professor of wireless communication at the Division of communication systems, congratulations on your new position! And congratulations on the IEEE fellow award!

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  • Her first poster led to a victory at the EECS Winter Conference

    Han Xue, Division of Electronics and Embedded Systems
    Published Jan 19, 2022

    Han Xue, Division of Electronics and Embedded Systems and winner of the Poster Exhibition at the EECS Winter Conference. Tell us a bit about your research.

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  • How to become news in pEECS

    Moa Hörnquist, communication officer at EECS and pEECS editor
    Published Jan 18, 2022

    In the newsletter pEECS, you can usually read about what is happening at EECS. In an interview with Moa Hörnquist, communicator at EECS, you can read about how the pEECS editorial staff works, which n...

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  • Summary of the All employee meeting

    Head of School Sonja Berlijn. Photo: Susanne Kronholm
    Published Dec 20, 2021

    Here is a summary of the staff meeting (AEM) with Sonja Berlijn. She talked about the Operational plan 2022, work environment measures at the school and the migration from Box to OneDrive.

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  • EECS' communication channels

    Tv vector created by studiogstock
    Published Dec 17, 2021

    Here you can find links to our digital channels. You can visit our external website, Facebook, the management blog and Slack.

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  • Snapshots from future research at EECS’ winter conference

    Published Dec 15, 2021

    Research presentations, a poster exhibition by doctoral students and a Christmassy mid-winter concert. School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EECS) had an inspiring programme in store ...

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  • Hi, Marco and Stefan!

    Marco Mladenovic and Stefan Sundström delivered food to the city's disadvantaged
    Published Dec 14, 2021

    When the EECS Winter conference was transformed into a digital event, we suddenly had extra food for hundreds of people. In a joint effort – where students helped to call around to Stockholm's shelter...

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  • Professional support opening hours during Christmas

    Photo: Rodion Kutsaev, Unsplash
    Published Dec 13, 2021

    During the Christmas holidays, the professional support (EECS support & service) has limited service. Here you will find Service Center's opening hours and information on reaching other units; finance...

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  • Hardcore hardware platform for experiments

    Cyrille Artho, Associate Professor at The Division of Theoretical Computer Science
    Published Dec 13, 2021

    We talked to Cyrille Artho, who has started up the Croaker Server, about 32 times as powerful as a high-end laptop: "At this point, we need an actual platform we can use to unleash our tools on differ...

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  • Early career award to Jana Tumova

    Jana Tumova, Associate Professor at The Division of Robotics, Perception and Learning (RPL)
    Published Dec 07, 2021

    We talked to Jana Tumova, who won the RSS early career award which acknowledges the outstanding accomplishments and exceptional potential of early-career researchers in robotics. Congratulations, Jana...

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  • Interactive software art on the streets of Stockholm

    cyber | glow is a light installation that is generated in real time based on the interaction from the visitors
    Published Nov 30, 2021

    Bring your phone and control Nobel laureates and their movements across a great wall! Inspired by Nobel Prize-awarded discoveries and laureates, stunning artworks will light up the darkness in 21 inst...

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  • Project from EECS gets funding from Vinnova

    Ingo Sander from The Division of Electronics and Embedded Systems
    Published Nov 29, 2021

    The project Early Bird, where the KTH activities are led by Ingo Sander, Professor in Electronic Systems Design, receives funding from Vinnova. We have spoken to Ingo about what this will mean for the...

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  • Hi Felicia Gustafsson!

    Felicia Gustafsson, who works with equality and equal treatment
    Published Nov 24, 2021

    We spoke with Felicia Gustafsson, HR officer at EECS. She told us about how the school works with equality and equal treatment issues and how HR handles harassment.

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  • Congratulations Dejan Kostić!

    Professor Dejan Kostić from The Division of Software and Computer Systems (SCS)
    Published Nov 22, 2021

    We met up with Dejan Kostić who has won a Best Paper Award at the ACM Symposium on Operating Systems Principles (SOSP) 2021 and talked about what the award will mean to him and his team.

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  • New Head of Administration at EECS

    Published Nov 17, 2021

    Welcome to KTH and EECS, Joakim Palestro, our new Head of Administration at the School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EECS) from 1 January.

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  • Summary of the All employee meeting

    Photo: Susanne Kronholm
    Published Nov 17, 2021

    Here is a summary of the All employee meeting (AEM) with Sonja Berlijn where she talked about the premises project and the clean-up of e-mail aliases. Mikael Visén from HR visited to talk about the ne...

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