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Agreements related to external research funding and collaborations

As soon as you, as a researcher, have your application approved or have an idea about research collaboration, it is time to contact the school's agreement coordinator. The sooner the agreement coordinator receives information about the conditions, and as detailed a description of the situation as possible, the faster the handling will be. Here's an instruction on how to do.

How you should handle your agreements related to external research funding and collaborations

1. Initiate the agreement

Email  with a short but detailed description of the case and include relevant attachments. Attachments may consist of heads of divisions confirmation (via email), the document Before legal review, researcher agreement, draft agreement, the decision on funding, budget, previous agreements in the project, etc.


Here you will find comprehensive information about KTH's contract management  and detailed information about what is relevant to notify the coordinator and lawyers of initiating a case.

2. Review of the matter

The contract coordinator compiles the case and contacts the lawyers; you will receive information about what happens next and whether the case needs to be supplemented.

3. Signing of agreement

When the agreement or contract has been drawn up, reviewed and negotiated with the other party, it must be signed according to the delegation order.

Delegation system at KTH

  • The agreement coordinator prepares agreements signed by the head of the school. PI and economists receive scanned copies, and any physical originals are sent by the agreement coordinator to the counterparty for signature unless the PI wishes otherwise.
  • Administrators at RSO prepares agreements signed at RSO/vice president for research/the president. After signing, an emailed copy is sent from RSO to you as the project manager, counterparty and the economists; possibly, a physical original is sent to the counterparty from RSO.

If you have any questions, please contact

Contract management at KTH

The Civil Law and Contracts unit prepares, reviews and negotiates agreements between KTH and companies, organisations, and authorities.

KTH Research Support Office (RSO)

The Research Support Office (RSO) provides support in finding and applying for external research funding, strategic research initiatives and collaborations, legal advice, contract management, and fundraising, grants, and foundations supporting KTH research.

EECS' contract coordinator