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The H2020 proposal application template is divided into three sections: Excellence, Impact and Implementation. Applicants need to address all of the three sections with detail.

In contrast to the Excellence and the Implementation sections, the Impact section can be harder to address. Despite the detailed instructions in the call text and in the proposal template, its expectations can be percieved as unclear.

Three essential things to consider from the start

There are at least three essential things you need to get right in the start in order to create a Horizon 2020 proposal that delivers impact (Mark S. Reed) :

  • Measurable impact goals (including goals beyond those set out in the call for proposals) that you can monitor and evaluate 
  • Well-targeted stakeholders and/or publics
  • A credible impact plan that can be pursued with each stakeholder and/or public.

See also Communication and dissemination  as well as exploitation (and IP)  that are essential elements of the impact section.

Find out more about impact related matters at

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