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Economy and fees

The fee of using a research infrastructure varies depending on the environment and who wishes to utilise it. Each environment calculates its own fee based on a model and prioritises its use if there is a waiting list.

Each research infrastructure provides information on its website about the principles for determining the fees and whether, for instance, there are price lists per instrument. The page also contains contact details for inquiries about pricing and availability.

How fees are calculated

The fee for using an infrastructure is based on a calculation of the costs associated with it. It can include expenses such as personnel, facilities, depreciation, service agreements, electricity, consumables (gas and chemicals), and indirect costs, often referred to as overheads, to cover management and support costs within KTH.

The fee/price may vary for different user groups depending on the usage purpose. Therefore, the rate for other universities and authorities might differ from that for businesses and other entities outside the state. If you are a director of an infrastructure, you must consider state aid rules and competition legislation when setting prices for businesses.

The fee/price is determined based on the model most suitable for the research infrastructure in question. An infrastructure might have an annual/monthly user fee, often supplemented by a fee charged each time the infrastructure is used.

Another model is to set the price per hour, run, week, or another appropriate basis. The facility might also charge a fee for training or similar services, such as using specific equipment. In other cases, setting the price in a custom quote might be most appropriate based on a user's specific requirements.

Support with economy and fees

If you are a researcher looking to use an infrastructure and have questions regarding the fees, please contact the director directly.

If you are an infrastructure director at KTH and require assistance with financial matters, you should first contact your local finance unit at your school. If you are looking for support in matters regarding accounting, contact the finance department at

If you are a director and need support with determining fees, contact: