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National research infrastructures

The Swedish Research Council (Vetenskapsrådet, VR) finances research infrastructure of national significance, including Swedish participation and establishing international infrastructures. VR's process for financing national and international infrastructure begins with a needs assessment. Needs can be reported either by the university or individual research groups. VR prioritises the needs and then forms the basis for calls for proposals in the coming years.

Internal process and support

Research groups wishing to present their needs should submit preliminary documentation to the Research Support Division for preparation. The proposal must be endorsed by connected heads of department and heads of school. The Research Support Office coordinates the process and informs the rector and pro-rector about the intended submissions.

Participation in applications for VR-funded national or international infrastructures must be reported to the Research Support Division before the president can decide on participation. The concerned schools support the content and budget of the application through formal approval from the head of school.

In preparing national applications, dialogue is maintained with other involved parties at various levels, primarily through responsible researchers at the different universities. The Research Support Office can provide support and advice during the application process, assisting with support letters and other relevant documents requested by VR.

Consortium agreement

If an application is approved, KTH enters into a consortium agreement with other parties. The president signs the agreement after legal establishment (if the principal entity) or review (if a party). Typically, the parties are represented in a governance council for the research infrastructure. The deputy president then appoints KTH's representative to this council, and the representative is expected to inform relevant parties at KTH about any discussions and changes that affect the operation. Consortium agreements are reviewed and established in consultation with KTH's contract lawyers.

Would you like to know more about KTH's national research infrastructures? Contact Marilyn Klarin , Research Advisor at RSO.

List of national infrastructures



Nodes for international research infrastructures


An established research infrastructure at KTH should:

  • Enable research of the highest scientific quality and contribute to societal development.
  • Be open and accessible for researchers, industry, and other relevant organisations in Sweden, and prioritise scientific quality when access is limited. 
  • Being of broad national interest, meaning that the research infrastructure is to be utilised by research groups and researchers from organisations with long-term planning for scientific activities.
  • Having a long-term plan for management, governance, financing, and competency development.