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Problem solving in Slack

On this page, we have gathered information that may help you solve problems that may arise when you use Slack.

Common problems in Slack

Here we have collected links to measures that will solve the most common problems in Slack. All the links takes you to Slack's website.

If you have been given the wrong display name

Sometimes it can happen that when you get your Slack account, you get a wrong display name. You can change your display name yourself. Note that you must use the name standard: "yourfirstname" and "yourlastname".

When notifications are stuck

When one is not receiving notifications

When notifications are delayed

Other known issues with notifications

Status on the Slack service

Unfortunately, it happens occasionally that the slack service has stopped or that there is a problem with some part of it. If you think that slack do not work properly, you can always check the status of Slack service .