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Select a solution for digital meetings

Choose solution for digital meeting

Remote participant connecting to meeting room

Participants can connect to a meeting room with video conferencing system either from another meeting room equipped with video conferencing system or from a computer via Pexip.

If you have booked a meeting room that is not equipped with a video conferencing system, you can bring a webcamera and conference microphone with USB and connect to your computer. You then share your computer screen via projector or TV screen in the room.

Book a room with videoconference

Several participants

Book a Zoom meeting so that the participants can connect via a meeting link in the browser, phone number, Zoom client (free), video conferencing system or Skype for Business (Lync).

Choose solution for distance education

Host a remote guest speaker (students in lecture theatre)

When having a guest speaker join remotely we recommend using one of the lecture theatres equipped with video conferencing systems.

Technicians are available for help with starting the video conference 

Book a lecture theatre  with videoconference


Arrange a test with the guest lecturer a few days prior to the lecture. Have a moderator in place at KTH who can help ask questions to the guest lecturer.

Using video conference as a guest speaker

A single lecturer does not usually need to use one of the larger lecture theatres equipped with video conferencing systems, but can use a common meeting room equipped with a video conferencing system or computer in the office.

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