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Digital meetings and lectures

About digital meetings and lectures at KTH

Technical support in halls

What technical equipment would be found in which room?

Zoom and hybrid rooms at KTH .

Pedagogical support

Tips for activating participants in fully digital Zoom lectures or synchronous hybrid situations.

Remote and hybrid activities with Zoom .

Inclusive hybrid meetings

Step-by-step guide for a successful and inclusive hybrid meeting.

Inclusive hybrid meetings .

Presentation and quiz tool

Mentimeter can be used to create more interaction in digital meetings.

Presentation and quiz tool Mentimeter .

At KTH, Zoom is the standard solution that is used for digital meetings and lectures. Both employees and students can use Zoom. TThere are also meeting rooms and lecture halls with pre-installed video conferencing systems available for use.

Benefits of digital meetings

By meeting digitally instead of, for example, traveling far to have a meeting, you contribute to sustainable development through, among other things:

  • Reduced environmental impact through reduced carbon dioxide emissions.
  • Financial savings and social benefits including time savings and flexibility.
  • Contribution to KTH's sustainability goals.

This is what you need

To participate in a digital meeting, you only need access to a computer with a browser and an Internet connection. For the best possible experience, we recommend using a headset and a webcam. It is also possible to use other mobile devices, such as a mobile phone or tablet.

Select a solution for digital meetings .

Tips for digital meetings

What can I do to make my digital meeting a success? Read our tips to succeed extra well!

Tips for digital meetings .

Quick Guide for Zoom

Invite to a meeting

Create meeting in  and then share link to participants, alternatively use MS Outlook to create a meeting and invite from there.

Join a meeting

Participants can connect via meeting link in browser, video conference system (H323/SIP) or Zoom client on a compatible platform.

Join a meeting through the link .


If you want to conduct a digital meeting for educational purposes and as part of your course plan, the Zoom service is recommended.
Zoom can be used for teaching and meetings with several participants (max. 300 people), as well as for seminars and tutorials.

Read more about Zoom .

Room-based videoconference

At KTH, there is access to meeting rooms and lecture halls that are equipped with HD video conference systems.

Room-based videoconference .


Slack is primarily a service for employees at KTH and is primarily an application for Chat, but there is also the option of having a quick video meeting in the program.

Read more about KTH Slack .

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is available for employees/students at KTH that need to collaborate with people, companies, universities or projects outside KTH or if you have been invited to a Teams meeting.

Teams is not available if you are only to cooperate within KTH.

Read more about Microsoft Teams .


Contact KTH IT-Support .