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KTH Slack

Slack is an instant messaging system used at KTH. On these pages you will find more information about Slack at KTH.

About KTH Slack

Slack for employees at KTH

Slack enables:

  • Dynamic group chats, instant messaging, screen sharing, video calls, shared notice boards and more.
  • Increased direct communication throughout the organization.
  • Lets your colleagues see when you work or do not want to be disturbed, and if you work at home or on site.
  • And much more.

Slack is available as a chargeable l collaboration tool for employees or similar at KTH. Slack is used for communication with direct messages or using so-called "channels" to enable effective communication within and between different groups.

There is an option to invite external users as guests to a single external channel, and if you are interested in how to do it and what applies, read more about it at Management rules for channels in KTH Slack .

KTH Slack is offered as Business+ licence, with all data on servers within EU and is GDPR-compliant.

You are welcome to contact  if you need help setting up a solution or external channel that meets the needs of you and your group.

Access to KTH Slack

Read more about how to order KTH Slack.

Access to KTH Slack .

Get started with KTH Slack

Read more about how to get started with KTH Slack.

Get started with KTH Slack .

Installation and login for KTH Slack

Read more about how to install and log in to KTH Slack.

Installation and login for KTH Slack .

Tools in KTH Slack

Read more about the Canvas tool.

Tools in KTH-Slack .

Extra information about channels in KTH Slack

Read more about public channels and more.

Channels in KTH Slack

Rules and recommendations in KTH Slack  

Read more about, among other things, regulations, management rules for channels and apps in KTH Slack.

Rules and recommendations .

FAQ and other important information about KTH Slack

Read more about problem-solving in Slack, get answers to questions, and here you will also find some school-specific information.

  Collected FAQ for users of KTH Slack .