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Tools in KTH-Slack

On this page we present additional features or tools in KTH-Slack.

The Canvas tool

Canvas is a feature that anyone who uses KTH-Slack can use (not to be confused with our learning platform Canvas).

With the Canvas function you can, among other things, create:

  • Workflows within a group, privately between you and another Slack user, or just use it yourself.
  • Create different forms of notes such as meeting notes or to-do lists and more.
  • Share files and documents.
  • Create project cards.
  • Organize information in a channel and much more.

As with messages in KTH-Slack, we have a retention time of 90 days for content created in Canvas (in KTH-Slack) and all rules for handling files and messages that apply in KTH-Slack or at KTH as an authority also apply here.

For more information about the Canvas function in KTH-Slack, read more at the links below: