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Add shared mailbox on an iPhone or iPad

Quick reference guide on how to add shared mailbox on an iPhone or iPad.

This instruction works from iOS version 14.5.

Always use the latest version of iOS. Between version 14 and 14.5, the function mailbox did not work correctly due to underlying technical reasons beyond KTH's control.

  1. Go to "Settings"
    Settings icon on the iphone display is marked
  2. Select "Mail"
    Mail button is selected
  3. Select "Accounts"
    Accounts is selected
  4. Select "Add Account"
    Add account is selected
  5. Select "Other" to add your shared mailbox
    "Other" is selected
  6. Select "Add Mail Account"
    "Add Mail Account" is selected
  7. Fill in the information as stated below:
    Name: (Optional)
    Email: The e-mail address of the shared mailbox
    Password: Your personal KTH password
    Description: (Optional). Select "Next"
    Fill in the fields with the e-mail address and your KTH password
  8. Fill in the information as stated below:

    Incoming Mail Server
    Host Name:
    Username:\username\shared mailbox name (Note: your KTH username without "")
    The shared mailbox name is not the same as Contact KTH IT Support to get the full shared mailbox name, tel 08-790 6600 or send an e-mail to .

    Outgoing Mail Server
    Host Name:
    Username: Your KTH username
    Password: Your KTH password and select "Next"

    IMAP incoming and outgoing mail server settings
  9. Select "Save" to finish. After that you can go to Mail app where you can find your new mailbox.
    Save button is selected