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Booking and Cancellation of a meeting and/or room in Outlook

How to book and cancel booked rooms and meetings using Outlook.

Before you begin

  • The booking has to be done in your personal calendar in Outlook.
  • You are not allowed to make the booking from a shared mailbox.
  • Even if you try to make a booking in the calendar of the room it will be done in your personal calendar.
  • If you need to remove the booking it has to be done in your personal calendar in Outlook..

Book a meeting and or room

  1. Open Outlook and click on Calendar.
  2. Doubleclick at the time you want your meeting.
  3. Click on Scheduling Assistant.
  4. To add a meeting room click Add Rooms... .Also to invite attendees at the same time click Add Attendees... .
  5. Type in the name of the room and mark it and click Rooms button and then OK. Same procedure when you add Attendees.
  6. A colored field, with or without text inside, will show when the participant or the room is occupied with other appointments (until 12:00 in this example). If that is the case you can chose another date or time. If the booking looks ok click Save. If you have invited attendees click on Send.


  • You have to recieve a notification by e-mail that the booking is accepted. If you dont get that notification the room is not booked.
  • Some room have an approover the has to admit the booking. The room is not booked until admitted.

Cancel a booking

  1. To cancel the booking of a room you have to do that in your personal calendar. Choose Delete.
  2. And send it to all participants, which includes the room. It might take a little while for the booking of the room to dissapear.
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