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Booking and Cancellation of a meeting and/or room in Outlook

How to book and cancel booked rooms and meetings using Outlook.

Before you begin

  • The booking has to be done in your personal calendar in Outlook
  • You are not allowed to make the booking from a shared mailbox
  • Even if you try to make a booking in the calendar of the room, it will be done in your personal calendar
  • If you need to remove the booking, it has to be done in your personal calendar in Outlook.

Book a meeting and or room

  1. Open Outlook and click on Calendar
  2. Double-click at the time you want your meeting
    Screenshot: Outlook Calendar view presented.
  3. Click on "Scheduling Assistant" and click on "Add Rooms...". To invite attendees at the same time, click "Add Attendees..."
    Screenshot: Scheduling Assistant and Add Rooms buttons are highlighted.
  4. Type in the name of the room and mark it and click "Rooms"button and then "OK". Same procedure when you add Attendees.
    Screenshot: Adding a chosen room. The name of the room, "Rooms" and OK button are highlighted.
  5. A colored field, with or without text inside, will show when the participant or the room is occupied with other appointments (until 12:00 in this example). If that is the case, you can choose another date or time. If the booking looks ok, click "Send".
    Scrennshot: Showing possible meeting collision.
  6. To not send the booking without the subject, you can click on "Appointment" and then fill in under "Subject" and then you can click on Send.
    Screenshot: Showing steps in adding a subject prior to sending the booking.


  • You have to receive a notification by e-mail that the booking is accepted. If you don't get that notification, the room is not booked.
  • Some room have an approver the has to admit the booking. The room is not booked until admitted.

Cancel a booking

  1. To cancel the booking of a room, you have to do that in your personal calendar. Choose "Cancel meeting".
    Screenshot: "cancel meeting" button is highlighted.
  2. And send it to all participants, which includes the room. It might take a little while for the booking of the room to disappear.