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Instructions for software

KTH provides software to meet the application needs of employees and the education in computer labs, for shared and personal computers.
We do not have application support, but if the computer environment requires specific settings for the software to work you'll find the instructions for this here.

Instructions for software

KTH provides software for employees and students through procurement, purchase and distribution of programs. This means that there is a lot of different software available in many different areas.

ITA provides the software with everything that is required (licenses, purchase, installation) but does not give application support, as we can't guide our users in how to use all the applications.

If an application requires customizations or special settings to work in KTH's computer environment, we'll write it here.

If you discover a need or have an experience of how the software should be set up to work optimally in KTH's environment, please send this information to  so we can put the information here.