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Default web browser

To be able to work in some web based services it might be wise to change to another default web browser than what is delivered with the operating system.

In KTH Windows, Microsoft Edge is the default browser, while in KTH Mac it is Safari. You can change the default browser at any time to the one you prefer or to the one recommended for a specific service.

Examples of services and the browsers they work best with:

Service Recommended web browser
Agresso, EFH Firefox
Canvas Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Safari
Efecte Edge Edge, Firefox, Chrome, Safari

Chrome and Edge

Change default web browser

In KTH Windows and in KTH Mac we have support for the most common browsers.

If you do not have a specific browser installed on your computer, you can install them via Software Center (KTH Windows)  or via KTH Self Service (KTH Mac) .

Change default web browser in the operating system

Windows 10

Change your default browser in Windows 10 (


Change the default web browser on your Mac (

Change default web browser from within the web browser

You can also change the default browser in the settings of your browser. Below are instructions for two of the most common, but the approach is similar for most browsers.


Make Firefox your default browser (


Make Chrome your default browser (