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Management of software and licenses

The State Office's (Statskontoret) seven requirements are an important starting point for the university's licensing activities which provided the basis for the development of license management at KTH.

Proper management of software and licenses is of high importance for suppliers, but also for the public confidence for KTH as an public authority. The state office announced 2007 in the State Authorities Handling Software License 2007:11 seven basic requirements that should apply to a public authority to be considered to have an acceptable level in the management of software and licenses. The report was commissioned by the government. In ESV's annual survey of financial administration values ​​and software licenses, ESV refers to the State Office's report.

According to the State Office's report, an authority is expected:

  1. to have some form of license register.
  2. to be able to strengthen their license holdings.
  3. to have persons appointed with the task of ensuring that the authority has the required licenses.
  4. to have a documented policy (rules / guidelines) for licensing.
  5. to inform employees and students about current rules and responsibilities.
  6. to control the use of software through installation control and / or inventory of computers.
  7. to allow only designated persons permission to install software and systems.
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