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KTH Windows

Information about IT-service "IT-workplace KTH Windows".


KTH Windows (even called WIKS) is KTH's common standard workplace based on Windows 10 as the operating system, MS Office version 2016 and a number of other utility programs.

Applicable to all employees and students at KTH, regardless of whether it concerns educational activities, research, technical or administrative staff.


  • Provide a reliable Windows infrastructure where the University Administration and the schools are involved in the development operation and support of the platform.
  • Coordination of the operation and support for this environment by minimizing duplicated work and streamlining resource use at KTH.
  • Reduce the total cost at KTH for efforts within investment, operation and development in local Windows platforms.
  • Streamline and facilitate collaboration between undergraduate education, research and administration (e.g. sharing files, calendars, function mail, system access).
  • Green IT! Increase environmental awareness.


Included in the service

  • Advice on the purchase of a computer
  • Installation of computer
  • Installation and maintenance of KTH-licensed software and applications
  • Self-service software installation portal
  • Antivirus software
  • Installation of printers
  • Automatic security updates
  • Access to KTH Windows resources via Citrix remote desktop
  • Access to KTH Windows resources via VPN
  • Support via reception desk, phone, e-mail, remote administration and on site with users at KTH
  • Personal file storage in home directory (20GB with possibility of expansion).
  • Shared file storage in common areas for schools/departments.
  • Shared file storage in project areas for groups/projects.
  • Printing services with quota management, reporting.

Options and limitations for the computer workplace


  • The service is only available for KTH-owned computers
  • User support only covers resources for the computer and the services that ITA provides
  • Support is provided during KTH IT-Support's opening hours
  • Support on the computer takes place at KTH
  • The service does not include application support
  • Service window is active on Thursdays after 15:00, when availability may be limited



  • Basic implementation with KTH's central IT Support as the primary support channel or alternatively the school's local support staff
  • Alternatively, with IT-contracted local support staff at the school (to be done by agreement between the school and IT)


  • Applied according to a special routine where KTH Windows (WIKS) Standard cannot meet user needs
  • Gives administrative permissions on the computer incl. possibility for the user to install software themselves
  • Information and form for shared admin can be found here, Policy for shared admin computer .

Computer room

  • Tailored for student and educational needs

Resource computer

  • Shared computer for several users who have KTH account, e.g. in common areas


The KTH Windows (WIKS) platform is by default a managed computer environment, which means that the applications are provided by KTH IT support, via the Software Center .

Approved computers

The KTH Windows (WIKS) platform is installed on tested and certified computer models. Those models are chosen based on performance, economy and longevity.

Lifespan and replacement plan for computers

The computers become old and less efficient after a few years, considering the cost in the form of lower productivity and increased support efforts, the computers need to be replaced at reasonable intervals.

In addition, our hardware manufacturers are required to provide security updates for BIOS, Firmware and drivers - this limit is set for five years.

Together, this means that we try as much as possible to replace the computers within these five years.

From an economic and environmental perspective, this is considered very good.


User and computer

User 600 kr / month
Resource computer 600 kr / month
Computer in the computer room (none IKT) 600 kr / month
Computer in the computer room (IKT) 400 kr / month

Application packaging and distribution

Application packaging according to normal routines Included
Express packaging 5000 kr / application

KTH-Print for Schools at KTH

Fee per connected multifunction printer 350 kr / year
System configuration per hour according to the Price list

Support and order

KTH IT-Support

Opening hours: Monday to Friday: 8:00 - 16:30

Phone: +468 - 790 6600


Visiting address: Drottning Kristinas väg 4


Computers are purchased according to current procedures for each school and department.

All computers must be certified and purchased by using the self-service portal Ordering IT-Products .

Application for KTH Windows (WIKS) access can be submitted by authorized purchaser using the ITA-ordering portal, Order IT services and licenses .

User information about KTH Windows

Here you will find information and instructions for using KTH Windows effectively in KTH's IT environment, KTH Windows .