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Environment and sustainable development at ITM

The ITM School works actively for a sustainable development on several levels. Our research and education contribute to the UN Sustainable Development Goals, we have an environmental management system and are a workplace that strives for increased sustainability in our daily processes.

Certificate for ISO 14001:2015 from 2021
The certifiace shows that we follow the regulations in ISO 14001:2015

Environmental management

KTH is certified according to the international environmental management standard ISO 14001. Within the framework of the environmental management system, the ITM School has defined specific targets for our school.

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Have you stumbled across something at KTH that is harmful for the environment or do you have suggestions for how we can improve KTH's work with the environmental? Please contact

Checklist for environment and sustainable development

Here you will find everything about our routines and goals for environmental work, contact persons and training.

Checklist for environment and sustainable development

Local environmental work

In the daily work, we reduce our travels and have organic fruit in our lunch rooms, just to mention to examples. Our service staff are well-informed to handle local environment issues like rubbish recycling procedures, energy efficient office spaces, and sustainable purchases of consumables.

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To ITM sustainable development means that:

  • the fruit in our lunch rooms are organic
  • we travel by train and that air travel, in cases where they can be motivated, has as low a climate impact as possible
  • electric scooters are available to get around in the neighborhood.
  • our research areas aim at a "sustainable industry and a sustainable society"
  • we sort out the food waste in our lunch rooms
  • we make it easier for employees to commute to work by bike.
Countryside road

Routines for ITM's environmental work

Our environmental management system controls how we work to live up to different environmental requirements. Here you find all the local routines. (In Swedish only)

Environmental training for Employees

KTH employees, and those working on assignments for KTH, should have the appropriate knowledge needed to perform their duties in a manner consistent with KTH's work with the environment and sustainable development.


News about environment and sustainable development at KTH

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