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Recruitment at ITM

KTH's ambition is to be an internationally successful engineering school, and therefore the recruitment of staff is important to us. In addition to the laws and guidelines that we need to adjust to as a state employer, it is important that recruitment is done strategically, structured and proactively.

The HR Team will help you

 The HR staff at ITM can help with any type of recruitment. Depending on the type of staff you wish to recruit, the process looks different and must therefore be handled accordingly. Contact  regarding all recruitments of teachers at ITM and  regarding other matters.

The recruitment's 10 steps

1. Identify needs, 2. Requirement profile: Job description & qualifications, 3. Approval from Head of Department, Head of School, and other bodies, 4. Advertisement, 5. Selection, 6. Interviews, 7. Checking references, 8.Compilation of applicants, 9. Job offering, 10. Introduction

Different type of recruitments

TA staff

Research-oriented & T/A/S staff

Including researchers, research engineers and Technical, Administrative or Service personnel (T / A / S), and requires a recruitment permit. This is how it works: 

  1. First, the recruitment permit must be approved at the school cooperation meeting (SSG), see dates on the Swedish page .
  2. Then create an employment profile/advertisement and email it together with the recruitment authorisation to: .
  3. Once the advert is entered in Varbi, it takes about 3 days to be published.

Guides and templates for researcher recruitment


Doctoral Students

Doctoral student positions are co-advertised 9 times per year. Here is the process:

  1. Fill out the “Anställningsprofil för doktorander” (Swedish is mandatory, English optional).
  2. Send it to  along with approval from Head of Department and Head of School (by FW or CC e-mail).
  3. Advertisement for a minimum of 10 days (3-4 weeks is recommended), and the deadline for applications should be a weekday.

Please email  at least 3 working days before the application deadline if you wish to extend the advertising period.

Dates for co-advertising can be found on the Swedish page .

Post-doc in lab


Recruitment of postdocs takes place on an ongoing basis. No recruitment permit is required. This is how it works:

  1. Start by reading about the postdoctoral agreement (Swe) .
  2. Ask for a written authorisation from the Head of Department by email.
  3. Email the employment profile/advertisement together with the approval to .
  4. Once the advert is entered in Varbi, it takes about 3 days to publish.
Teacher and students


This includes lecturers, assistant professors, senior lecturers, professors, promotions and affiliations, adjuncts and guest professors.

This is how recruitment works:

  1. Contact the FFA at ITM .
  2. Recruitment is ongoing, but the last meeting of the hiring committee before the summer is in mid-June.

This is how promotion works:

  1. Promotion to associate professor takes place three times a year and to professor once a year (see deadlines on the Swedish page ).
  2. Send a letter of support (including the head of department's signature) to  and FFA at ITM one month before promotion.
Students in a group

Undergraduate assistants

You do not need a recruitment authorisation to recruit an Undergraduate assistant. This is how it works:

  1. Start by familiarising yourself with KTH's regulations, for example:
    • that the employment may correspond to a maximum of 50% of full working hours,
    • that the employee must be admitted to a first or second cycle programme.
    • Specify which type you are applying for: research student assistant, teaching assistant or administrative assistant.
  2. Email the employment profile/advertisement for the undergraduate assistant with approval from the head of department to .
  3. Once the advert is entered in Varbi, it takes about 3 days to publish.
Woman having a lecture

Hourly employees

Hourly employment/remuneration is available for shorter assignments, such as course assistants. In general, it should be used sparingly. A person employed per hour is employed in accordance with § 5.1 of the Employment Protection Act (1982:80). If the person is a student and will be working regularly for several months, we recommend employing the person as an Undergraduate assistant.

Never promise work for a hourly employee before it has been agreed with the head of unit and HR.

This is how it works:

  1. Fill in the Assignment description for hourly employees (Swe) .
  2. Ask for a written authorisation from the Head of Unit and Head of Department via email.
  3. Email the assignment description together with the approval to  and Operations controller (Vhc) together with the name, personal number, address and email address of the potential employee.
  4. HR checks the LAS and prepares an employment confirmation. The confirmation is written for a maximum of 360 days.

See all the steps in the hiring process via the link below.

Recruitment step-by-step

  1. Identify your need
  2. Requirement profile: Job description & qualifications
  3. Approval from Head of School, and other bodies

  4. Advertisement
  5. Selection
  6. Interviews
  7. Checking references
  8. Compilation of applicants
  9. Job offering
  10. Introduction