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Research Committee

The Research Committee is tasked with preparing President's decisions that aim to strengthen KTH in the longer term. This may, for example, include financing research infrastructures and prioritizing co-financing between externally funded special investments.


The Research Committee's tasks are to prepare President's decisions where proposals are made based on what will strengthen KTH in the longer term:

  • Financing of research infrastructures and other special investments.
  • Prioritize co-financing between ventures that have been granted external funding.
  • Nominate representatives from KTH to national and international councils and committees.
  • Manage internal nomination processes.
  • Work for a more efficient way of working between faculty and operational support.
  • Propose development projects.
  • Develop proposals for KTH's areas of strength and focus and participate in the dialogue on how this is communicated.

Visit the Swedish page for more information about the Research Committee at KTH .