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Government assignment completed: Energy saving in government agencies

The government has instructed all public authorities in Sweden "to implement energy-saving measures in public administration". Work is underway to implement measures at KTH. The amount of electricity purchased and energy saving measures shall be regularly reported to the government up to and including April 2023.


The current energy situation is challenging not only for Sweden but for all of Europe. Energy saving measures are a direct response to high electricity prices that are expected to rise even further during this coming winter, and expected energy shortages in Europe due to sanctions imposed in response to Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

Read more about the completed government assignment and energy saving measures at KTH below (click on the PDF image)

Why do we need to save electricity?

By saving electricity, we reduce the cost for electricity. When we consume less electricity, or move consumption to times when the overall demand is lower, we reduce the strain on the power grid. We also show solidarity with our neighboring countries – by contributing to reducing the fossil fuel-based energy demand by exporting the more fossil-free electricity. Activities for a reduced energy consumption is important in order to ensure efficiency and contribute to a climate-neutral society, in accordance with KTH's sustainability policy and KTH's sustainability and climate goals for sustainable buildings.

Energy saving measures at KTH

KTH's researchers, property owners, infrastructure managers and representatives from the property deparment have developed a joint energy saving plan. The measures in the action plan includes both technical measures and behavioral changes.

Akademiska Hus Energy Plan for 2022 (Swedish) (pdf 255 kB)  describes the measures to be taken to reduce energy in the buildings. Akademiska Hus has also produced a PDF with proposals for Energy-saving measures in Akademiska Hus (Swedish) (pdf 248 kB)  as well as communication material energy-savings (pdf 548 kB)

Every kilowatt-hour (kWh) counts - reduce your energy usage