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About examination period 2 and re-examination period 1, autumn 2021

Information from GVS Education Support (EDO) and the IT Platform for Education


Published Dec 14, 2021

The implementation of exam period 2 in the autumn semester 2021 (TP2 HT21) in January 2022 (including re-examination period 1 in December 2021) will continue to be implemented according to scenario LOW, even with the government tightening restrictions from 8 December. Here you will find essential and practical information, for example, that digital assessment of scanned exams with KTH Import Exams in Canvas is now possible all over KTH.

Support, opening hours and FAQ

IT support

For technical questions regarding the examination tools, don’t hesitate to contact .

Support opening hours are weekdays, 08:00-16:30.

For support during an ongoing exam, call +46 8 790 66 00.

Administration and Funka support

If you as an examiner have questions about room placement or other questions regarding examinations for students with support from Funka, please contact the exam administration at the respective campus.






Guidelines for summative assessment at KTH

As previously described in About exam period 1 autumn 2021 , the corresponding scenario LOW applies to an examination, even with the government's stricter recommendations as of 8 December. The clarification (approved by the President and the University Director) of the government's and the Public Health Agency's decisions are on the :  

"Teaching continues on Campus, but infection control measures should be applied. This could mean access to hand sanitizer and/or opportunities for handwashing, and that larger gathering of people are carried out in premises where distances can be maintained, also when entering and exiting. The Property Department at GVS provides hand sanitizer and carries out extended cleaning."

Digital assessment of scanned on-campus examination with "KTH Import Exams" in Canvas

Digital assessment of on-campus exams in Canvas with the function KTH Import Exams will be available for the whole of KTH for examination period 2. Several pilot tests with teachers during spring and autumn 2021 (around 35 courses and 5000 exams in total) have been carried out successfully.

Before examination period 2, E-learning will offer workshops with a presentation and question time on digital assessment in Canvas, where teachers can get acquainted with the function KTH Import Exams. Workshop sessions will be added continuously to the E-learning calendar . If you have questions, you can also contact E-learning directly on .

More up-to-date information can be found on the intranet page about Scanned Exams to Canvas .


Inform students in Canvas

It is always important to inform the students well in advance of the examination about the conditions for the examination. It is essential to inform about pandemic-related conditions during pandemic times. Would you please link to the A safe study environment during COVID-19 on the Student web .

Information to communicate to students before the examination

Funka support

Before the examination, the examination administration on each campus is the entrance for handling students with compensatory support. See the info box above for contact information for each campus.

Funka's recommendations regarding support of support during examination

Web resources

Here are some shortcuts to support resources on the intranet.

Examination - support, advice and guidelines

Checklist for conducting examinations

Checklist – for examination in Canvas

KTH's templates for Canvas rooms – two different examination room templates

Current perspectives on (digital) assessment

Assessment for learning can be done in many different ways. See or read about the presentation where Ida Naimi-Akbar, PhD student and lecturer at Learning in STEM, problematises different perspectives on (digital) assessment for learning.

Current perspectives on (digital) assessment (Lunch 'n' Learn documentation)

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