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Implementation of remote examination

Implementation Process

The images shows the process that is descibed under the heading "Examination course rooms and import of registered students"
Overview process for conducting distance examination.

Process picture in text

Students (yellow)

  • Registers for the examination in Ladok.

E-learning (pink)

  • Examination rooms are automatically created in Canvas 30 days before the start date of the Ladok activity.
  • Students are automatically added to the examination room in Canvas when registration has closed.

Examiner (blue) and school (white)

  1. Selects the form of examination and prepares written information about the examination set-up.
    • The school (white). Selection of examination form in consultation with GA; the school prioritizes the need for Zoom monitoring.
  2. Grants access to colleagues in the examination room in Canvas.
  3. Assignment is added to the examination room in Canvas.
  4. Extended writing time is added for affected students.
    • The school's exam administration (white) Lists of registered examinees are obtained from the school's examination administration.
  5. The examination is conducted and solutions are submitted in Canvas.
    • School and Tentafunka (white) Any monitoring of examinees via Zoom is agreed upon with the school and Tentafunka.
  6. The examiner assesses the submitted assignments in Canvas.

Contact about digital examination

Do you have questions or wish to receive guidance about digital examination?

E-mail: , mark your mail: examination guidance

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