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How to transfer grades from Canvas to Ladok

The function "KTH Transfer to Ladok" (T2L) helps you transfer results from assignments in Canvas to Ladok modules. Here you will find information about the different steps in the function.

KTH Transfer to Ladok video guide

If you are unsure how to use KTH Transfer to Ladok, you can watch our video guide.

00:00 Introduction and starting the function
01:47 Select assignment, module and date
04:23 Preview what will be transferred
05:29 Summary of transfer and how it looks in Ladok
06:24 Closing

KTH Transfer to Ladok (KTH play)

Important to note

On the page Important to know about KTH Transfer to Ladok , you can read about which Canvas rooms the function works in and who can use the function. It also says more about which data and what results can be transferred.

Note! KTH Transfer to Ladok transfers grades to Draft status in Ladok. You need to mark the grades as and certify them in Ladok to complete the process. It is only after you have done this that the students can see their grades.

Transfer results with KTH Transfer to Ladok

Follow the steps below to transfer. At the end of the page are headings that clarify some of the steps.

  1. Start the function by clicking on the link "KTH Transfer to Ladok" in the menu in the Canvas room.
  2. Read the information and click the "Launch the application" button to start. Then authorize the function to access your account. You usually need to do this each time you use the function, depending on when you last approved it.
  3. Select which Canvas assignment to transfer results from in the drop-down menu.
  4. Choose which Ladok module you want to transfer to. If you are in an examination room, the module is pre-selected.
  5. Select the examination date.
  6. Click the "Preview students" and look at the listing of students and grades for the selected assignment in Canvas. Results that can be transferred are marked with "Transferrable" in the right coumn.
  7. If you want to transfer these grades to the selected Ladok module, click on "Transfer to Ladok". A box shows what you have chosen for the assignment, Ladok module and examination date, as well as how many results will be sent to Ladok. Click "OK" to continue.
  8. A summary is displayed with the number of results transferred. If something went wrong during the transfer to Ladok, information about it is displayed.
  9. Now you can continue reporting in Ladok, or continue in Canvas. 

Start Transfer to Ladok

The function is available as a link in the menu to the left in the Canvas room. If you do not have the link in the menu, you need to go to "Settings" and the "Navigation" tab. Move "KTH Transfer to Ladok" from the bottom list to the top and save. Now the link will be visible to you. Students will not be able to see the link.


Select the assignment or column you want to upload. The drop-down menu shows all the assignments available in the Canvas room. You can only transfer assignments that have a letter grade, so if you select an assignment without a letter grade, a warning will appear. You can also choose to transfer the total column, if the setting "Activate course grading scheme" is activated. Read more about how to set this up on the page Letter grades and grading schemes .

Examination date

Under "Examination date", choose which examination date will apply to the reported grades in Ladok. If you want guidance on choosing an examination date, there is a Guide for choosing dates when reporting grades .