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Planning examination

On these pages there is support and advice about the process "to conduct an examination at KTH". Read more about the design of examination, examination rooms, information for students and what support Funka offers.

Choosing and designing examination

Examination is a central part of the course and is one of the factors that most strongly affects how the students approach the learning in the course. The examination can, correctly designed, affect both what and how the students learn. Read more about advice, reflection questions and recommendations developed to support you as an examiner in the process of thinking about examinations.

Read more about Choosing and designing examination .

Which tool should I choose?

Depending on which type of examination you want to design, there are different tools you can use. Learn more about it in an overview of the tools Canvas, Möbius and Zoom which describes the purposes for which they can be used.

Read more about Which tool should I choose?

Checklist for conducting examinations

This checklist contains what you need to keep in mind when it comes to conducting examinations. The information is aimed at examiners, but in many cases the tasks can be delegated to others.

Read more about Checklist for conducting examinations .

Examination room in Canvas

All types of activities in Ladok generate examination rooms in Canvas where the examination can be prepared according to the examiner's wishes. The examination rooms are created with a common template, and for easier handling of for example extended writing time, each examination room is created with a special section for students with compensatory support.

Read more about Examination room in Canvas .

Information to communicate to students

As an examiner, you are responsible for ensuring that students receive information about the examination form and how the examination will be conducted well before the exam. Read more about what to inform about before an examination.

Read more about Information to communicate to students .

Funka's recommendations regarding support during examination

You will find links to Funka's information pages as well as supplementary information on the practical application of the support. The page gives a quick overview for handling support, especially for digital examinations.

Read more about Funka's recommendations regarding support during examination .

Code of conduct for examination at KTH

A common code of conduct for examination was developed during the pandemic and is available in KTH's examination room templates. Here you can read about how the code of conduct is used to inform students and how to use it in Canvas.

Read more about Code of conduct for examination at KTH .

Contact about examination

Do you have questions about examination? There are contact persons for planning and coordinating examinations at each school, and you can also get help with digital arrangements from E-learning. Read more about Contacts for examination .

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