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Intro to Canvas for new administrators (60 min)

As an administrator, do you want to be able to assist in Canvas to the same extent as you can in physical educational environments? This workshop introduces you to Canvas and teaches you how course and exam rooms are created. You will also learn how staff and students are added to rooms in Canvas and what roles they can have.

The head of your department or unit appoints who should have the admin role and the extended competence. The manager orders this by contacting .


This workshop aims to provide an introduction to the admin role in Canvas and its essential functions. The workshop is primarily aimed at administrators and is suitable regardless of previous knowledge of Canvas. It is desirable if the person who gets the admin role in Canvas also has similar authorization in the systems KOPPS and Ladok. 

The workshop goes through how Canvas rooms are created and how to handle students, staff, and other administration in Canvas.

After completing the workshop, the administrator who has participated can be given the role of "Canvasadmin" (for a part of Canvas). The role means higher user authority in the system to be able to administer courses within an institution or unit. The canvas administrator can then assist in the digital education environment to the same extent as they provide support in the physical education environment.


Participants should have their own sandbox or be able to be added to a sandbox by the person holding the workshop.

Time required

1 hour.

Learning objectives

After completing the workshop, participants should be able to:

  • explain how and when course and examination rooms are created
  • define how different types of staff are added to the Canvas rooms
  • describe how students are added and removed in the Canvas rooms
  • explain the difference between course rooms and examination rooms
  • describe the different roles that exist and be able to add users to Canvas rooms
  • define the rules that apply to extended user rights in Canvas.

Read more about the role of administrator in Canvas.