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Canvas Administrator

Each department and unit can appoint Canvas administrators with extended privileges in Canvas. These administrators are appointed by the head of each institution or unit.

The role of administrator in Canvas

As a Canvas administrator, you get the right to administer all the department's courses without having to add yourself to each course. It facilitates administration, review of courses, and more direct support within your department or unit.

Functions that may be relevant for extended eligibility in Canvas are, for example, education administrators, educational developers, or the like. It is desirable if the person who gets the admin role in Canvas also has similar authorization in the systems KOPPS and Ladok. Teachers should not have the role of administrator in Canvas. 

The head of your department or unit appoints who should have the role and the extended competence. The manager orders the extension of competence by sending an email to .

Rules for extended user rights in Canvas

As a Canvas administrator, you take responsibility for not disclosing user information to anyone else or leaving your computer unattended when you are logged in to Canvas. Information in Canvas that applies to individuals must be handled with discretion.

Requirements to become an administrator in Canvas

To become an administrator of Canvas, you must: