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How Canvas rooms are created

There are different types of rooms in Canvas with different areas of use. Examination rooms and most course rooms in Canvas are created using automatic processes, but there are also manually created course rooms and sandboxes. Here we give an overview of how and when these rooms are created.

If a student or the Canvas room is missing

Publish the course room for the students

For the students to get access to the course room, you as a teacher have to publish the course in Canvas. This will make the course visible for the students.

Avoid making groups too early

Hold off creating student groups in Canvas until all students are registered in the course room participation list. Only start creating groups when all the participants are labeled as "students" and no one is labeled as "Admitted not registered student" (that is, after the course registration period). If you create the groups earlier, there is a risk that students will disappear from the groups when they get registered.

Automatically created course rooms

When a course round is approved in the System support for planning courses and programmes – Kopps , a course room will automatically be created in Canvas after a certain time. The course rooms are created 270 days (9 months) before the start of the course, if the course round is approved in Kopps by that time. If the course round is approved later, the course room is created within 24 hours of the course round being approved in Kopps.

All course rooms also have an end date. 60 days after the end date the rooms will be deactivated and be in a read-only state. Read more about this on the page Routine for old course rooms in Canvas .

Name of course room

Course rooms are named with the following format: [Course code] [Term] [Course name] ([Short name or instance code]).

The short name or instance code is used to distinguish different rooms for the same course, especially for courses that have several course instances running in parallel. The short name is edited in Kopps. If there is no short name, the instance code for the course instance is entered instead. Contact  if you have questions about short names for course instances.

Manually created course rooms

If a course is not in Kopps but still needs a course room, the course room needs to be created manually by an authorized Canvas administrator. If your course needs a manually created course room, you can contact .

Since the course room is created manually, teachers and students must also be added manually. This is explained on the page How users are added to Canvas .

Examination rooms

For each activity session in Ladok, an examination room is automatically created in Canvas. The examination rooms are created with a common template but can be adapted so that the examination can be carried out according to the examiner's wishes.

The examination rooms are named in the following format: MH1027 TEN1 [2022-04-19] Written exam. For combined examination rooms, it will instead be: MH1027 TEN1 & AB1234 TENA [2022-04-19] Written exam.

For more information about the creation process, please read the page for examination rooms in Canvas .


A sandbox is an empty Canvas room where you can test things in Canvas without affecting students. To get a sandbox, email .

For more information, go to the page Sandbox .

Use the course room created for the course round

We recommend using the course room created for the course round. To reuse materials, it is better to copy previous course rooms. Adding students to old course rounds can lead to problems with assignments, quizzes, discussions, and announcements to the students.

You can merge several courses or course rounds to one course room

If more than one course or course rounds should have access to the same course room in Canvas, you can contact , who can merge course rooms in Canvas.

Can’t find a course room?

If you can’t find a course room for an upcoming or active course, you can contact your local Kopps administrator. They will help you check that the course has been approved in Kopps.

If you can’t find an old course room, it may also be because the end date has passed 60 days. The room has then been deactivated and moved from your active course menu (Overview) to "previous registrations". Read more about Routine for old course rooms in Canvas .

If you still cannot find the course room you are looking for, you can contact .