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Intro to Canvas – course room and assignments (120 min)

Do you need an introduction to Canvas from a teacher's perspective? In this workshop you will learn how course rooms are created and how to fill them with material. You will learn both how to create new material and how to copy it from a previous course.

A workshop can be ordered by all teaching and course administration staff.


You will be introduced to Canvas and its basic functions, seen from a teacher's perspective. For example, we go through what a course room is, how you navigate in it and how you create new content.

Participants are expected to be employees at KTH and to have little or no experience using Canvas.


All participants need an empty Canvas Room, a sandbox , to be able to perform the tasks.

Time required

2 hours.

Learning objectives

After completing the workshop, participants should:

  • know how course rooms are created in Canvas
  • be able to navigate in Canvas
  • be able to set the start page for a course
  • be able to copy content to a course
  • be able to create content in a course, e.g. by creating a page
  • be able to create data and know common settings
  • know how the "Transfer to Ladok" app works (transfer grades to Ladok).
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Last changed: Jan 09, 2023