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Meeting host for examination

On this page, the role and responsibilities of the meeting host's role is described, as well as how to perform the role. As a meeting host, you contribute to the students' possibilities to take exams under equal conditions, and facilitate communication between teacher, examiner and examinees.

Responsibilities of the meeting host

  • Control registered students and their ID.
  • Provide information to the students about how the exam will be conducted and about how to contact the meeting host.
  • Note when a student leaves their workspace and write down any deviations in an observation log.
  • Collaborate with the examiner to allow the students to ask questions.
  • Collaborate with examiners, teachers and assistants for individual student meetings in breakout rooms.
  • Notify the students when 10 minutes remain of the exam time.
  • Save the chat log in the Zoom session when all the students have left the Zoom session.

To carry out the above tasks, similar information is needed as for invigilators, such as a list of participants, observation log, how ID checks can be carried out and how breakout rooms are handled and so on. Feel free to look at the page for invigilators and use the parts that are relevant to the current exam. .

Contact about examination

Do you have questions or wish to receive guidance about conducting examination?

E-mail: , mark your mail: examination guidance

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