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Zoom responsible person at exams with Zoom presence

On this page, the Zoom responsible person’s role and responsibilities before, during and after a remote exam with Zoom presence is described.

The Zoom sessions for an exam are recommended to be created by the so-called "Zoom responsible person". The examiner can be the Zoom responsible person or ask a colleague.

Responsibilities of Zoom responsible person

The person is responsible for:

  • creating Zoom session for the exam
  • staying in contact with the examiner, meeting host, etc.
  • coordinating the work to be done before the exam
  • asking the meeting hosts to give access to set up Zoom sessions for them
  • scheduling Zoom sessions for the meeting hosts
  • emailing the invitation to the Zoom session to the examiner and students three days before the exam.

Scheduling and configuration of Zoom sessions

This guide is based on the configuration found at the meeting scheduler at Zoom's website .
Recommended settings are mentioned in the table. Settings that are not mentioned are up to the host of the meeting to decide on, they are usually not used.

The following settings should be set prior to starting the session:
Function  Setting 
Topic  Course name and date, e.g. SF1621 2020-04-14 
When   Starting time for the exam, minus 30 min (if the exam starts at 8:00 then set this value to 7:30) 
Duration  Maximum exam duration plus 30 min (be sure to account for students with longer writing time) 
Timezone  Stockholm 
Registration  No 
Schedule for Choose the host to create the meeting for
Meeting ID  Generate automatically 
Security - Passcode Yes
Security - Require authentication to join Yes, limited to ‘Employee or Student at KTH’
Video  Host: On 
- Participant: On 
Audio  Both 
Meeting options – Allow participants to join anytime No 
Meeting options – Mute participants upon entry  Yes 
Meeting options – Automatically record meeting on the local computer No 
Alternative Hosts  Can be left empty 

Create Zoom sessions for students with compensatory support

For students with compensatory support, Funka's recommendation is that all students in a zoom room turn down the volume on their computers while the meeting host increase the volume. Then silent communication is possible without unnecessarily sounds from others disturbing the students. It is also recommended that students with compensatory support should not be placed in zoom sessions with many different course codes.

Recommendations for management of support during different types of examination

Distribute Zoom sessions

When creating a Zoom session (meetings), a meeting invitation is created, a link that can either be emailed to the students or published in Canvas. The meeting invitation contains the password for the room so the person who clicks on the link will enter the meeting directly, while the person who copies the link address will need to enter the password, so do not forget to share that information. The examiner is responsible for deciding how the meeting invitation is to be distributed to the students.

The meeting invitation, the link to the Zoom room, can subsequently be produced by the host person and by the person who planned the meeting. When a meeting is opened for editing and then saved, the link becomes visible in the same way as the first time the meeting was saved. Select "copy link" and share the meeting invitation, for example via email or through Canvas.

Contact and support for examination

Do you have questions about examination? There are contact persons for planning and coordinating examinations at each school, and you can also get help with digital arrangements from E-learning.

Contacts for examination

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