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Examiner's role at exams with Zoom presence

On this page, the examiner's role and responsibilities during an exam with Zoom presence is described.

If you want to schedule a single Zoom session for an exam with Zoom presence that you are responsible for, and also participate in, you can follow the same instructions as for the Zoom responsible person . Please note that you cannot start and be "host" for several Zoom sessions in parallell, there needs to be one meeting host for each Zoom session, see under instructions for the Zoom responsible person.

Examiner’s responsibilities:

Before the exam

During the exam

  • Be available during the exam, for example via sms, email and through fixed times for checking in on the various Zoom sessions.
  • Conduct individual meetings with the students. See more information under the heading "Meeting in the breakout room" on the page Examination with Zoom presence .

Breakout room 

During the exam, contact is made with students in breakout rooms for, for example:

  • ID control
  • questions from students
  • teacher's/examiner's checking of the students' ongoing work

Meeting hosts then create a breakout room in the Zoom session and moves the examiner and examinee there. There, the examiner and student can talk undisturbed and then return to the main session. The video describes how this is done.

Students with compensatory support

Read more about support on the page Funka's recommendations regarding handling support during distance examination . If you want help arranging the right compensatory support before the exam, contact Tentafunka through contact Tentafunka .

After agreement with Tentafunka, you need to do the following:

  • Give information about the examiner's structure for the exam to the responsible exam administrator at the school at least three working days before the examination so it an be placed in KTH Box Tentafunka

  • Ensure that the examiner's contact details are provided; name, email and telephone number.

Contact and support for examination

Do you have questions about examination? There are contact persons for planning and coordinating examinations at each school, and you can also get help with digital arrangements from E-learning.

Contacts for examination