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See the programme management's first presentation at the Storträffen in autumn 2022

Published Mar 22, 2023

"A smörgåsbord to organise ourselves around" said Joakim Lilliesköld about the framework principles for the Future Education during the autumn's Storträff. Joakim, Anna Jerbrant and Gunnar Tibert are the programme management for KTH's change programme for educational development. He briefly explained the programme during his first formal appearance. The Student Union, THS, spoke about Future Education at KTH as a prerequisite for studies, and Sigbritt Karlsson about the keywords quality, culture and infrastructure.


THS President on conditions for studies

"...make Education of the Future a reality. Thumbs up. To get there, we need to make sure that KTH has an adequate resource distribution system to ensure that everyone has the same ability to succeed. And the mandate for change lies with everyone, not just the people, higher up and the chains, but all the way down to the students. And that our teachers receive adequate training to help develop not only their abilities but the abilities of the students, giving us the best education possible."

To see the English subtitles, start the video and then click on the "CC"-button in the video menu above. See transcript of the presentation below.

Film contents with time stamps

Joakim Lilliesköld talked about, among other things:

  • Why start a change program now after the pandemic? (0:42)
  • The principles help us to work systematically with the development of education (3:53)
  • How does everything fit together, for example with the pillars? (5:16)
  • What is the role of program management? (7:08)
  • About the teacher's role in development work (9:11)
  • What is the goal? (10:13)
  • What other initiatives at KTH are in line with Education of the Future? (11.58)


Sigbritt Karlsson on educational development

"But you have to keep going and dare to try new things. Just because you've done something in a certain way doesn't mean you can't develop it."

Previous KTH president on quality, culture and infrastructure

Sigbritt Karlsson, in her last appearance as president for KTH at Storträffen, talked about her key words for education: quality, culture and infrastructure.

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Joakim's presentation with transcript

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