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Contribute to the framework for the change programme Future Education at KTH

We hope that you, as a teacher, employee or student, want to contribute to the framework by sharing various perspectives and new ideas. The campaign started at the KTH SoTL conference on 7 March 2023 and have a deadline in April.

Onion shaped graphic in white and blue: 2-3 principles clustered in areas in each "onion layer".

Please answer the questions

  1. What are the most important motives for working with area/principle X, according to you?
  2. Describe inspiring examples from KTH or other universities related to area/principle X, which you or others work/have worked with (e.g., activities, working methods, support, method development).
  3. What obstacles do you see to implementing desirable development within area/principle X (apart from time or money)?
  4. Other input?

To promote transparency and increase awareness of KTH's educational activities, we have made your contribution readable to anyone with a KTH account. You may remain anonymous, but it would be interesting to know which institution/department/programme/course your teaching belongs to/you work for/study.

One Word file per area and principle

You need to have a KTH account: then you can write your answers in the Word files linked below for each area/principle. In the Word files located in OneDrive, you will see the questions and the definitions for each principle. The areas are yet to be defined. 

More about Future Education at KTH

On the Organisation and regulation intranet pages

On the pages of organisation and regulations on the intranet you will find web pages (decisions and about the programme management) in English:

A change programme for Future Education at KTH

On the Education support intranet pages

We apologise: Unfortunately, we are yet to translate the web pages about the programme on the Education support pages into English.

Web pages in Swedish about Future Education at KTH

However, you may read below articles:

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