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Project: Programme rooms in Canvas and common working method

KTH has decided to introduce programme rooms in Canvas and common recommendations for programme communication. Here you can read about the background to the decision and take part in the timetable and support in the work.


The programme web is part of the KTH Social platform and has been KTH's main channel for programme information for several years. But in recent years, KTH's system environment has changed, and the technical management has become less and less sustainable.

During the fall of 2022, E-learning management object at KTH carried out a needs collection and analysis regarding programme information and the Programme Web. The work included, among other things, interviews and a function inventory. The aim was to understand how programme information is presented and how it works in the current system. The Industrial Economics programme did a pilot and tested programme rooms in Canvas during the fall semester of 2022.


Based on the needs analysis and the pilot, the E-learning management object at KTH has decided to replace the programme websites with programme rooms in Canvas, together with information on the Student Web.

All programmes will get their programme room in Canvas. Programme-registered students will get automatic access to the programme room.

A common way of working

The working group for coordinated student communication (appointed by the Education Administrative Committee) has the task of developing a common working method for everyone who works with programme communication. The aim is for the information to be up-to-date, consistent, accessible and adapted to the target group.

The joint working method means, among other things:

  • Content managers and programme room editors must be appointed for each programme room.
  • Programme room templates in Canvas: a template in Swedish for undergraduate programmes and a template in English for master programmes.
  • Common recommendations and user guides on the intranet.
  • Training for designated programme room editors (editors are invited to their own Slack channel).

In early May, the intranet will be updated with recommendations and user guides.



  • Information goes out to employees (Intranet, school newsletter).


  • Information meeting on April 3 and 5 on Zoom for anyone interested.
  • Information goes out to students (Studentweb, newsletter).
  • At the end of April, recommendations and user guides are published on the intranet.
  • Those responsible for educational administration appoint editors who will attend the training.


  • Content is moved by editors - supported by E-learning/EDO through


  • User guides and recommendations are published on Studentweb.


  •  At the start of the semester, more information initiatives are planned.

Information to students

On April 17, a newsletter will be sent to all students with information that KTH will move from the programme webs to programme rooms in Canvas in the autumn. During the spring, the Student Web will be updated with user guides for students using the programme rooms. At the start of the term, KTH will make further information efforts for students.

All welcome material for new students will be updated.

Students will automatically be added to the programme room when they register for study period 1, autumn term 2023.

Questions and answers

Who gets access to edit in the programme room?

Education administration managers will appoint programme room editors and content managers for each programme room. The same person can be both a content manager and an editor, but it could also be different people.

Content manager = responsible for ensuring that the content is correct and up to date.
Programme room editor = responsible for making edits.

What content should be added to the programme room?

The working group will recommend what content should be in the programme room and the Student Web.

Will I be able to post news in the programme room?

Yes, through the "Announcements" function.

Will I be able to target news to specific groups within the programme room? (sections)

In Canvas, there is a functionality to divide people into different groups (sections). This functionality could be used to target news ("Announcements") to specific groups.

However, KTH needs to examine the source data so that we know that the student automatically ends up in the right section. KTH cannot promise anything now and will return with information when the source data has been examined.

It is already possible to create manual sections for, for example, year courses. This involves certain risks and some manual work. If the student fails to accept the invitation to the section, they will miss information directed to that section. It will also require manual work to divide all students into sections and to ensure that the sections are updated in the coming years.

Is there a deadline when the content must be moved to the programme room in Canvas?

We recommend moving all content to the programme room by the end of May. The editors can get support in Zoom.

Before the start of the semester, the programme webs will be hidden from the students. However, the content of the programme webs will be accessible to administrators for a more extended period.

When will more information be available?

The working group is currently developing recommendations and user guides. These are planned to be published on the intranet by the end of April. If you have any questions, please email  or the project managers (see below).

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