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Video captioning in KTH Play

What is good to think about before captioning a video and how do you do it technically? Learn how to captioning your videos in KTH Play via the Reach module.

The recording is from 2020-12-02.

Go to the video Video captioning in KTH Play .

Tabel of contents for the video 

Here is a list of links that acts as a table of contents. Click on the link to the section you want to watch. When you get to KTH Play, press the play button and the video will start in the right place. All links lead to KTH Play. 

01:52 Agenda

02:33 Video captioning for improved accessibility

04:30 Video captioning in KTH Play

05:22 The captioning procedure

06:13 Tips for adding captioning

07:54 Approach for video captioning in KTH Play

08:40 Order machine-generated captions of a video

09:40 Review and correct the captions for the video

10:53 Edit machine-generated captions in “Closed Captions Editor”

12:39 Other functions in the video player

13:30 Important to think about

14:21 Other functions

16:02 Don’t Show on Player/Show on Player

17:33 Download SRT file (SubRip Subtitle)

18:04 How to select properties for the text

26:12 Summary

26:44 Links and information

Also read the documentation news about Lunch ‘n’ Learn “Video captioning in KTH Play” 28 oktober 2020 

Automatic text version of subtitled video with Transcript Widget

With Transcript Widget in KTH Play, a text version, also called transcription, of a subtitled video is created automatically. This means that all subtitles are placed in a box under the video player and it is possible to click through the video by clicking on words in the text. This feature makes videos searchable, increases accessibility and simplifies for those who only want to see parts of the video.

Go to the video about transcription from subtitled video in KTH Play (in Swedish)

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