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Teacher stories: experiences of hybrid teaching at KTH

What technology is available for hybrid teaching? How can one think about pedagogy? The video gives a presentation with a subsequent discussion about hybrid teaching. Participating are KTH teachers and employees from the teams that support hybrid teaching at KTH.

The recording is from 2021-11-03.

Please note that the video is in Swedish.

Go to the video Teacher stories: Experiences of hybrid teaching in KTH Play (in Swedish) .

The video covers, among other things:

  • Definition of hybrid teaching.
  • Introduction of the WVS team.
  • Tasks and goals for the WVS team.
  • Conditions for hybrid in KTH premises.
  • Classrooms.
  • Lecture halls.
  • Hybrid rooms.
  • Room standards.
  • Start of the panel discussion.
  • The panel's experience of hybrid teaching.
  • Perception of hybrid teaching.
  • Is hybrid teaching the future?
  • Challenges in establishing a new normal.
  • Preparations for planning a course and its disposition.
  • Promote the communication and presence between, and for, on-site and distance students.
  • The students' option between on-site and distance.
  • Learning activities.
  • Work with group projects for a smaller class in a hybrid room, Helen's example.
  • The teachers on guest lecturers.
  • Gottfried on guest lecturers.
  • The cool thing about hybrid.
  • End with a summary on topics going forward.
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