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This is why course rooms in Canvas from VT21 (or older) are read-only

Published Aug 16, 2021

From now on, it will be easier to find among your course rooms as completed courses are deactivated and end up in a list of previous courses. In addition, they are read-only, which means that the rooms are still visible, but it is not possible to publish material or upload a submission.

Deactivation of Canvas Room

The new routine is now being implemented that Course rooms will be in a read-only state (published 2021-04-27) , in the same way as applies to examination rooms (published 2021-03-29) . In short, deactivated course rooms mean that:

  • Old course rooms in Canvas are deactivated 60 days after the course end date.
  • You can view published and unpublished course content but not edit content or reviews.
  • Students can not submit assignments or use other features, but they can still see their assignments, feedback, results, and reviews.
  • You can choose to reactivate the course room by moving the end date forward.
  • You get a better overview of your active course rooms and previously active course rooms.
  • All course rooms from VT21 will be read-only in the future.

Read more

Guides and more information can be found on the page Routine for old course rooms in Canvas .