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Handling of cases concerning written exams for examinees with compensatory support

Exam administrators at Tentafunka administer and handle examinations concerning compensatory support. It is an important work based on KTH’s values, to ensure that students with disabilities should be in a comparable situation with students who do not have a disability.

Other forms of exams than written exams

Due to the corona-virus, readjustments have been made, going from written exams to other forms of exams. For the latter, there is a separate timetable for the collection of information.

A prerequisite for Tentafunka to handle examination sessions with compensatory support is that the exam is submitted for registration in Ladok. Students who are to write exams but cannot register in Ladok, for example a student from another higher education institution or in the event of raising a passing grade, need to register through the School’s education office or equivalent.

In order to receive support during the examination, the student must have registered for the examination session during the established registration period. Some support requires special handling by Tentafunka. In order to have access to such support at a specific examination session, the student must report the use of support in an electronic web form. The examiner grants and rejects the support.

By the time the schedule for the coming semester is released, Tentafunka begins its planning of shift staffing and booking of premises for the examination sessions of the semester. When the online registration for the examination session has closed, Tentafunka is able to compile lists for registered students. Tentafunka compiles the lists based on which students that have registered for the examination session, which students that have registered for support through the electronic web form and based on the decisions on support submitted via KTH Box by the school administrator. The complied lists that Tentafunka then produces are the basis for how the students are then to be placed in the lecture hall with compensatory support. Tentafunka sends information via e-mail about the placement as well as the time for the written exam to both the student and the examiner no later than three days before the examination session.

Flow chart

Follow the activities in the flow-chart. The number connected to each activity refers to the activities listed below.

Handling of cases concerning written exams for examinees with compensatory support (pdf 79 kB)


Click on each activity for a detailed description.


The schedule for subsequent semester has been published on the website

1: Establish basic plan for the examination period

If decision is not taken on course level, go directly to activity 4

2: Plan for compensatory support for course

Alternative start

Need for compensatory support for examination which was not included when the schedule was published

3: Request compensatory support for other examination

4: Register for written on-campus exam

5: Register for p-support and other forms of aid

If decision is available on course level, go directly to activity 7

6: Grant or reject compensatory support for individual

7: Inform Tentafunka before planning

8: Plan for implementation

9: Upload exam wording in KTH Box

10: Inform about placement in the lecture hall

11: Implement examination

Results in

The examinee has received compensatory support as well as clear information about how the written exam will be conducted.

The examiner has been enabled a clear workflow as well a security on a legally secure handling of compensatory support.

The administrators at relevant school have together with Tentafunka ensured that all students with compensatory support have received a uniform and legally secure handling of the written exam.

Templates and forms

Templates for requesting a customized examination format and link to the electronic web form for the student’s application for compensatory support can be found on the Templates and forms website


Ladokmanual Aktivitetstillfälle (Activity sessions in Ladok)

Guidelines and steering documents

Exam schedules and application periods for examinations (according to yearly decision)

Decision on coordinated examination administration at KTH, V-2017-0478 KS-kod 1.2, 2017-05-11

Management of the process

Process owner

Process leader