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Registration and voting open for the Storträff 28/11 - Finding paths to the future of education

Published Nov 07, 2022

Registration and voting for the autumn semester's storträff 28/11, 12.30-16.30, is now open!

Vote on topics when you register

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Bring a colleague / fellow student

If you are used to attending the Storträff, please help us by telling your colleagues and fellow students to attend, and how they can get involved. Every year new ones join in thanks to close leaders/managers/colleagues etc. encouraging them to come along.

What is the Storträff?

  • A well-attended and active meeting place, for everyone at KTH, regardless of role and position, which is arranged once a semester, in Swedish in the autumn and English in the spring.
  • An arena for discussing, developing and evaluating everything concerning KTH's education at all levels, such as teaching, training, learning environments, educational support, educational monitoring and student influence!
  • A half-day meeting starting with lunch and introduction in plenary, followed by three rounds of discussions/demonstrations/workshops/try-outs, with all themes voted by the participants. And then we conclude in plenary with a summary and look ahead.
  • Coordinated and developed by the Department of Learning (ITM).
    How it links to so-called PriU groups is described in more detail here

Link to PriU groups

PriU groups are school and cross-functional working groups formed around thematic areas of development. Read more about the link between Storträffen and PriU groups in the Storträffen calendar article below.

Storträff meet-up - Finding paths toward Future Education


A more detailed programme for the round tables will be published once the voting on the topics for discussion is completed.

Preliminary times Activity Location

Introduction and welcome!

  • President Sigbritt Karlsson

  • Vice president for education Leif Kari

  • Rep from the Student Union THS

  • Management group for the Future of Education

13:25-13:55 Round 1 E-house and outdoors
14:00-14:30 Round 2 E-house and outdoors
14:30-15:00 Coffee break E-house
15:00-15:30 Round 3 E-house and outdoors
15:40-16:30 Summary and conclusion Q1

Welcome from the Storträff Committee, convened by Vice President for Education Leif Kari and coordinated by Viggo Kann and Anna-Karin Högfeldt.

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