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Podcast: Education for sustainable development

Högskolepedagogisk spaning podcast - An eye looking through a magnifying glass
Published Dec 20, 2021

Podspace: University pedagogical reconnaissance is a collaboration between four pedagogical developers from Stockholm University, Mälardalen University, Uppsala University and Lund University.

Education for Sustainable Development podcast

How we respond to the requirements, different problems, solutions and aspects at different levels, both structurally and for individual teachers.

Involved in this podcast are Lena Gumaelius , associate professor at KTH and vice-rector at Mälardalen University, Anders Rosén , Associate professor at the Department of Learning and deputy director of the KTH Global Development Hub and Maria Wolrath-Söderberg, development manager for the higher education pedagogical development unit at Södertörn University. The section is led by Britt-Inger Johansson, professor of history of art at Uppsala University.

You can listen to the episode education for sustainable development here  (In swedish)

You can follow the podcast through the following platforms;

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