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Storträffen meetup an element in the quality system at KTH

Summary of the Storträffen meetup on 4 December 2023

Several people standing up in a classroom
Published Dec 08, 2023

Teachers, staff, students, researchers and university management gathered in the Q-building for the Storträffen meetup for a day of dialogue and co-creation focusing on the heart of the academy – the student. It proved to be a day of insightful discussions, workshops, and collaborative efforts to enhance the overall educational experience for both students and teachers.

The Storträffen meetup with the theme Students at the Center served as a platform for different perspectives and generated discussions on topics such as engaging students in the classroom, sustainable development, gender equality and the transformative power of education in society. From the design of dynamic learning environments and vibrant campuses to the introduction of innovative teaching methods and different forms of assessment. Participants also discussed how to use AI to improve education, what opportunities exist and how to address the challenges.

In closing, the resounding message is clear – let's keep the student at the center, let's continue this journey of exploration and innovation, and let's collaboratively shape the future of higher education at KTH.

"We are building the Storträffen meetup into the quality system", Dean of Faculty Sofia Ritzén commented.

You can find the full overview of discussions in detail here: Overview of discussion topics (pdf 53 kB)

Also find out more on the group web page KTH:s storträffar och PriU-grupper  (In Swedish).

Watch highlights from the day

Here you can watch some recorded highlights from the event.

Introduction to the Storträffen meetup by the Vice President for Education, Leif Kari

Leif Kari introduces Storträffen HT23 and shows statistics about Storträffen meetup over the years.

Thomas Ekholm, main speaker of the day

Tomas Ekholm, a senior lecturer in mathematics at KTH School of Engineering Sciences, has been awarded the KTH Pedagogical Prize 2022. He is known for his ability to create a rewarding atmosphere in the lecture theatre and for his pedagogical skills.

Tomas Ekholm was the keynote speaker and among many inspiring ideas, he talked about the importance of focusing on what you do to become good at it, and how your choices and actions define you as an individual. He also discussed how to motivate students to engage in their studies and how to help them organise and prioritise their lives.

Finally, Tomas mentions his purpose and goals as a teacher, including promoting subject knowledge, personal development and positive attitudes towards study.

In the students' own words

Eric and Elsa reflect on the Storträff meetup with conversations on student participation in teaching and led a table discussion on study spaces and self-study. Despite not reaching concrete solutions on student involvement, the ongoing dialogue was deemed valuable. The importance of creating a conducive environment for engagement was highlighted, suggesting incorporating social aspects into lectures. They spoke about the significance of forums that facilitate staff-student interactions. Looking ahead to 2024, the focus remains on enhancing student influence through continuous dialogues and creating an inclusive context for participation.

Priority group leaders summarise

The Priority group leaders summarize their table discussions from the day and give insights into what just their Priority group is all about including the dates for the next meetings within the group.

Keep an eye on the Education support calendar under Network meetings for the dates Calendar – Network meetings


Anna-Karin & the Storträffen meeting committee first thanks Leif Kari who is ending his time as chairman of the Storträffen meeting committee and Vice-rector for education. Sofia Ritzén who ends her mandate period as Dean and Carina Kjörling who retires.

Save the date for the spring Storträffen meetup

Tuesday 14 May at 12:00-16:30.

Storträff meet up 14 May 20224

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